Automation in Process Management Through Smart Organization

How will my company be a smart organization? With this question, this little article series on process and workflow management. Our answer was of course: By using (among other things) the template Smart Organization. It continued with an overview of the flexibility of this tool to manage everything from customers to projects to individual operations and tasks. And last week, the focus was on the aptness to make workflows easy and fast. The best thing, however, should be to put a stop to the end: In the case of Smart Organization, these are automation functions that take your process and workflow management to the higher magnitude.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Information Assignment

One of Smart Organization’s greatest strengths is the 360-degree view of all information relevant to the upcoming process. Of course, you can manually add information and documents to your projects, operations, etc. But it also supports an automated mapping function. This is how it works: every customer, every project, every process, and every order have its ID number. If you are within z. For example, if you send an e-mail message, this ID number will automatically be included in the e-mail subject. As a result, this e-mail is linked to the process. If your addressee answers you, the system recognizes the ID number again and assigns the reply email to the process.

This can also be transferred to other types of documents and information: For example, if you have a folder on a drive in which scanned documents are received, you can assign these scanned documents the metadata ID number, e.g. A task, which in turn assigns the resulting PDF to the process. The same applies to support cases that belong to a customer. Just note the customer ID number in the support case, and you’ll have all the information about this case as information in your customer dashboard.

Individually Configured Automation Functions

This assignment function is only the tip of the iceberg for software like FBO software. These can be used without any pre-configuration. Of course, you can configure almost everything you need, such as the integration of data sources at runtime. The data output of a production machine, for example. By using the JavaScript engine, there are almost no limits to customization and automation.