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Things You Should Consider When Selecting a User-Friendly Software Publisher

Choosing a company to buy a software license from is very important, especially, if you’re buying one for professional use. Since the demand for tested software that offers user-friendly features is increasing, scamster companies are also on a rise. And buying a software for professional or academic use doesn’t come free of cost. In fact, businesses end up investing a great deal of money in purchasing software licenses. This is because software is responsible for increasing/decreasing the value of your company in terms of the following.

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  1. Navigation
  2. Profit
  3. Employee satisfaction
  4. User satisfaction


Since all the features listed above seal the fate of every business, choosing legit software is important. And the simplest way of doing so is buying them from reputed companies like Provalis Research.


Features That Determine Which Software Publishers are Genuine


Genuine companies that sell software are many, but are not necessarily easy to locate. Thus, the features listed below should be considered when buying a software license from any company to avoid a fraud.


  • An established company will offer not just one, but different kinds of data analysis and text analysis software. Also, the prices will be fairly competitive.
  • The company should have a selling licence and a reputation for offering customer satisfaction, best backed up by genuine reviews on all the software it offers for sale.
  • The company should offer free trial options so that you can test the software for compatibility and other factors before making a purchase. Also, there should be video tutorials focusing on how to use, install, and customize the features offered by the software.
  • The company should offer chat forums to resolve and discuss all your queries with fellow buyers who might have experienced the same trouble. Also, the company should have a technical staff that can help you troubleshoot every problem that you face throughout the period of your purchase.
  • The company should hand out manuals with all the information about the software of your interest. The manual usually have detailed information about the installation process and types of tools. Also, it should offer guidance on how to use those tools.
  • The company should offer free web consultations and chat sessions to help you troubleshoot any installation or utilization problems that you might face despite having the manual. The consultants can also help you in understanding the tools better to maximize the benefits.


The above-mentioned 6 factors are the best ways to determine if a software publisher is worth your trust or not.