What To Be Familiar With To Buy A Printer?

The printers are devices that have reinvented themselves and have become increasingly necessary, not only within a workspace, but also in many homes.

With the constant evolution of technology, the capabilities of the modern printer have also changed and today most of these machines can perform multiple tasks at the same time and at a high speed. For high speed printing services one can also contact at Kiasuprint.

The software

  • For a basic printing function is not important, but in office environments, or professional level, you have to examine the software carefully.
  • As we have said a modern printer is like a minicomputer. Some even accept their own apps , which you can download and install. They are able to connect to your social network or cloud accounts, to print directly without downloading content. Some can also send documents (for example a scan) to an FTP server, or to a file store in the cloud.
  • If you print many private documents, you are interested in including security features. Many require a PIN to access documents, or print.
  • If several people use it, check that it allows you to create individual users, to which you can assign a volume of daily or monthly pages, so that it does not abuse.

A laps with paper

  • When buying a printer, nothing should be left to chance, especially if we have little space to place the printer. It is important to check where you load the paper, and whether or not to allow it to be stored in the printer, so that you do not have to place it every time we print.
  • Cheaper printers usually load paper at the top. This is a problem if you are going to put it in a bookstore, for example. There are those who load the paper by the front or by the back, check it if you are going to place it stuck to the wall, or on the edge of a table. Most have a load capacity of between 50 and 200 sheets. Login at for more detail.
  • It is also interesting that the printer prints on both sides, to save paper. Although it is possible to do it with all of them, through the software (you will have to turn the pages manually).
  • Most printers only allow A4 sheets, but some (more expensive) also accept A3. Check that the loading tray is ready to accept envelopes and labels.

Other aspects to consider

  • A few final details will allow us to fine tune the purchase of a printer.
  • If you have little space, check if the transformer is internal or external. Some printers carry it out, on the power cord, and it takes up a lot.
  • Some models offer fax function. It’s almost not used, but it’s still useful in the office.
  • Also check if you can print in monochrome when the color runs out. Most allow it, but not all. For more details visit official website Mandreel.